Patriot AutoBahn 32GB Flash Drive

Designed with an ultra-compact form factor, the Patriot Memory Autobahn is the best solution for those looking for both excellent USB 2.0 performance and high capacity in an extremely portable storage device. Plugin the Patriot Autobahn and it becomes barely noticeable as it is designed to sit flusagainst the device with no protruding body to catch snags.

32GB : ظرفیت
USB 2.0 : رابط
گارانتی :
مرکز حافظه برتر پایتخت - HBT خط ویژه:22875658
مرکز حافظه برتر پایتخت - HBT

تعداد : عدد
قیمت: ۵۱,۰۰۰ تومان حذف از سبد خرید مقایسه افزودن به Wish List

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34.6*12.2*45 mm


USB 2.0


Up to 18MB/s read

Up to 8MB/s write

Transfer Speed


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