Sony 8GB Flash Drive

8GB USB Micro Vault CLICK The new Sony Micro Vault Click now offers everyone the storage capabilities they need to share thousands of photos and hours of video and music. With just one 'click', the hidden USB connector is revealed and ready for action - no cap is needed to remove or misplace. 8 GB Storage Capacity USB connection made easy with 'Click' mechanism Easy-to-read LED indicator which illuminates to indicate when it's in use Plug'n Play USB interface requires no AC Adaptor Delivered with Virtual Expander software, a user friendly data compression software to store up to 3 times more data on your Micro Vault USB key Supports Windows ReadyBoost that stabilises system performance and improve program switching of active applications
32GB : ظرفیت
گارانتی :
ایران رهجو خیابان سمیه-بین سپهبد قرنی و نجات الهی پلاک ۲۳۳
ایران رهجو

تعداد : عدد
قیمت: ۳۳,۰۰۰ تومان اضافه کردن به سبد مقایسه افزودن به Wish List


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