Transcend 4GB Flash Drive

Products The ultimately compact JetFlash—û 300 is simple, streamlined and stylish. Drawing inspiration from deep luminous black obsidian, the JetFlash—û 300 has a smooth gloss-black finish, along with an adorable color band. WhatŠö more, it only weighs 8.5g and is so small that it can slide effortlessly into your pocket or purse. Featuring incredible read/write speeds and vast capacity ranging from 4GB to 16GB, the JetFlash—û 300 is not only a stylish accessory but also an excellent storage device. Bring this easy-to-carry flash drive with you and enjoy the convenience of storing more of your personal files, work documents, digital photos, movies and music! Features - Fully compatible with hi-speed USB 2.0 interface - Easy Plug and Play installation - USB powered. No external power or battery needed - LED indicates the usage status - Includes JetFlash—û elite data management tool - Lifetime warranty
16GB : ظرفیت
گارانتی دارد

تعداد : عدد
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Transcend Transcend


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